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Lumi-Seal Concrete Waterproofing Sealer Can Last up to Three Times Longer Than Ordinary Sealers

What is Lumi-Seal?

Lumi-Seal is a uniquely pigmented solvent-based acrylic sealer for use on concrete. Lumi-Seal provides excellent protection against moisture intrusion and staining on concrete. It seals to prevent freezing and cracking on driveways, patios, porch floors and especially exposed aggregate. Lumi-Seal imparts subtle color and gloss to make plain concrete rich and inviting. Because Lumi-Seal is pigmented, it outlasts conventional clear and lightly pigmented sealers by years. It applies easily with a brush or short nap roller, and dries in an hour.

What does the name "Lumi-Seal" mean?

Lumi-Seal is a play on the word "luminescent". The pigmentation of Lumi-Seal not only creates colors unique for a concrete sealer, but colors that dramatically change depending on lighting. Lumi-Seal is reflective, yet contains no metallic pigments. These new breed of pigments are completely inorganic, making them fade resistant. The look of concrete coated with Lumi-Seal will literally change as the sun moves across the sky, all the while protecting the surface from moisture, staining and deterioration.

Where can Lumi-Seal be used?

Inside or outside, mostly on unpainted vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. Typical applications are aggregate, swept or pre-cast concrete surfaces and bare concrete floors.  

What about Surface Preparation?

Prepare surfaces much as you would for normal painting. All concrete and masonry must be dry and clean, free of oil, grease, dirt, mildew, wax and other contaminants. To achieve color as shown, any existing paint should be removed. For best results, clean and prepare surface by pressure washing at a minimum 2000 psi. New Concrete and Masonry (aggregate, swept concrete and brick) need only be clean and dry, and cured for 30 days prior to applying Lumi-Seal. Newly poured smooth concrete should be etched with a 20% solution of muriatic acid and rinsed, or allowed to cure a minimum of 90 days before applying Lumi-Seal.

How is Lumi-Seal different from Concrete Stains?

Typical concrete stains must penetrate the surface and actually color the substrate. Lumi-Seal is a topical coating. While some of it may penetrate depending on surface porosity, a substantial amount must remain on the surface in order to impart color and lasting protection. Only Lumi-Seal adds both beauty and protection to concrete surfaces.

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